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STUDENTS: Obtain your access code  

  1. A BryteWave (RedShelf) account will be autocreated using your school email address. 
  2. An email will be sent to you with a link to your BryteWave Discover Shelf account. Your instructor may also provide a link in JICS. Check both locations.
    • If you did not receive an email, accidentally deleted it, or cannot locate it within your inbox, you can login directly at 
    • Remember to use your school email address to login and/or reset your password (if necessary). 
  3. Locate your preloaded material on your Shelf.  
    • If you do not see your course’s materials on your shelf, please immediately contact the Pearson rep via email. 
  4. Click on the preloaded material to obtain your access code. 
  5. Click Copy the code to Clipboard or write down the provided access code to use when registering for the Pearson materials.
  6. You will also need the instructor's enrollment link to access the course materials and register for the course in Pearson. 
Please note: Based on when you registered, there may be a delay in your receipt of the email with the textbook access code information. If you do NOT receive the email or code access through JICS by Monday, August 7, please let your instructor know.
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