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Using your myABC Account

Greetings, Buffalo family!

You can use your myABC account to sign into all myABC IT resources. 



For instance, if you want to sign into the myABC Portal (JICS), you can do so with your myABC account!  See the below image!Sample myABC Portal Login


Simply type your myABC account username (or student ID number) in the 'username' field.  Type your myABC account password in the 'Password' field, and click the 'Login' button to get signed into the myABC Portal (JICS)!!!



Similarly, you can sign into your myABC Email (powered by Google) by clicking the myABC Email link under Quick Links on the left side of the myABC Portal (JICS).  Here, you'll need to provide your myABC email address to sign into your myABC email account.  See the below image for further details!


As shown in the above image, please sign into your myABC mailbox using your myABC email address and the password to your myABC account. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the myABC Support Portal (available to Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff) at


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